Air Zoom GT Cut 2

Introducing the Air Zoom GT Cut 2, designed to cater to the dynamic needs of basketball players.

At the heart of the Air Zoom GT Cut 2 is the innovative combination of Nike React technology with Zoom Air units. Positioned in the bottom layer of the upper and stacked with an additional Zoom Air unit in the heel, this configuration provides exceptional responsiveness. The React insole, known for its supportive properties, adds comfort and a stable feel underfoot.

Traction is a key aspect of the Air Zoom GT Cut 2. The advanced traction system allows for a brief yet firm grip during sharp cuts, while the directional traction aids in agile toe movements. The hollow herringbone pattern on the outsole contributes to quicker stops, an essential feature for players who need to change direction swiftly.

Attention to detail extends to other aspects of the sneaker. The lacing system, running through medial and lateral webbing loops, enhances forefoot support. The upper’s visible breathability ensures a comfortable and airy fit, crucial for intense gameplay. A stiff clip around the heel locks the foot securely over the cushioning, ensuring both stability and control.

React foam in the insole adds a layer of responsive comfort, adapting to the foot’s movements. The molded tongue, which extends to the toe area, expands for a snug fit, further enhancing comfort. The plush interior caters to players who prioritize speed without sacrificing comfort or control.

The sneaker also features a data-driven design, aimed at enabling players to excel beyond their limits. It maintains the signature full-length Zoom Strobel, a critical piece of technology first introduced in Kevin Durant’s KD 12, allowing the foot to rest directly on the Zoom cushioning for maximum impact absorption.

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