Air Zoom Infinity Tour

Introducing the Air Zoom Infinity Tour, a shoe that may transport your imagination to a delightful spring day in Georgia. With its peach-toned hues seamlessly blending into a clean canvas, this iteration is perfect for leisurely walks under the warm Southern breeze. Featuring two generously sized Zoom Air units, extra space for your feet, and enhanced traction, it’s the ideal companion for a round of golf. Vibrant accents and an energizing atmosphere throughout serve as a reminder to maintain a fresh and dynamic approach.

Experience Refreshing Comfort through breathable textile material that ensures your feet stay pleasantly cool. The plush, cushioned collar contributes to overall comfort and stability by minimizing heel slippage as you move.

At the heart of this shoe lies Dynamic Response, with two Zoom Air units in the forefoot that respond to each step. These air units move in harmony with your feet, providing improved energy return when you power through your golf swing.

Optimal Traction is guaranteed with two spikes in the forefoot and two in the heel, delivering outstanding grip in diverse conditions. An integrated secondary traction pattern across the sole further enhances gripping power, instilling confidence in your performance.

Additional Benefits encompass the incorporation of Nike React technology, a lightweight and durable foam that promises a smooth, responsive ride. Additionally, a tongue gusset simplifies the process of putting on and taking off your shoes while also offering additional lateral support. The Air Zoom Infinity Tour is designed to enhance your golfing experience while evoking the essence of a spring day in Georgia.

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