Blazer SB

The Nike SB Blazer, born in 2002 from the classic Nike Blazer basketball shoe, has evolved into a skateboarding icon. Crafted with skateboarders in mind, it boasts a vulcanized sole, cushioned tongue and collar, and a rugged upper for durability. Skateboarders of all levels have embraced it for its comfort, solid construction, and superb board responsiveness. The SB Blazer offers versatility with low-top, mid-top, and high-top options, as well as materials like suede, leather, and canvas.

Key features include the vulcanized sole for flexibility and durability, padded tongue and collar for ankle protection, sturdy upper for longevity, and a low-profile flat sole for exceptional board feel. It suits various skate styles, from street and vert skating to park sessions. Beyond its functionality, the SB Blazer has made a splash in fashion, collaborating with brands like Supreme, Stussy, and Vans, resulting in coveted colorways and limited editions. In essence, the Nike SB Blazer isn’t just a top-tier skate shoe but a stylish choice for anyone, offering comfort, durability, and outstanding board feel.

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