Cosmic Unity 3

Meet the Cosmic Unity 3 by Nike, a basketball shoe that not only enhances your game but also embraces sustainability, perfect for the conscious sneakerhead.

These sneakers are engineered to give you a competitive edge on the court, featuring a secure, lightweight design that keeps you close to the ground, ensuring maximum control. The cloud-like cushioning they provide is a game-changer, delivering explosive speed and the agility needed for quick directional changes in today’s fast-paced basketball scene.

Inside the midsole, a precisely placed foam layer strikes the ideal balance between cushioning and stability, enabling you to perform at different speeds while maintaining a low profile for increased agility. This combination is crafted to elevate your performance.

To ensure your confidence and containment on the court, the midfoot Flymesh technology secures a snug fit, keeping your foot in place. Additionally, a newly integrated Flyknit collar not only offers plush support but also reduces the shoe’s overall weight, boosting your agility during the game. The flexible Flyknit material adapts to your foot’s movements, working in harmony with the Flymesh for a comfortable and adaptable fit.

When it comes to on-court traction, a slim yet robust rubber outsole provides the necessary grip to navigate the game efficiently, enabling you to maneuver and create opportunities to outwit the defense.

In summary, the Nike Cosmic Unity 3 is a basketball shoe that elevates your game while prioritizing sustainability. Elevate your game with the Cosmic Unity 3.

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