Court Legacy

The Nike Court Legacy, a classic tennis shoe released in 1972, was designed by Nike’s co-founder, Bill Bowerman, drawing inspiration from the Nike Cortez, which had hit the market two years earlier. Originally marketed as a performance-oriented tennis shoe, it quickly found its place as a fashionable lifestyle footwear choice.

Known for its uncomplicated yet stylish appearance, the Court Legacy features a leather upper adorned with a perforated Swoosh logo on its sides. Its vulcanized rubber sole provides reliable traction on various surfaces.

Over the years, this iconic Nike shoe has graced the feet of tennis legends like John McEnroe, Andre Agassi, and Serena Williams and has made notable appearances in popular culture.

In 2018, Nike introduced an environmentally conscious iteration, the Court Legacy Next Nature, constructed using a minimum of 20% recycled materials by weight.

To summarize key facts about the Nike Court Legacy: it was conceived by Bill Bowerman, took inspiration from the Nike Cortez, started as a tennis performance shoe, gained popularity in both tennis and lifestyle circles, featured prominently in sports and popular culture, and received a sustainable update with the Court Legacy Next Nature.

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