Go FlyEase

Introducing the Nike Go FlyEase, a groundbreaking step in Nike’s history of footwear innovation. From the iconic waffle sole to the revolutionary ZoomX foam, Nike is known for pushing boundaries. Now, they present the Go FlyEase, their inaugural hands-free shoe. In this review, I’ll explore whether this innovation is substantive or simply a novelty.


The Nike Go FlyEase features a dual-layer upper comprising a neoprene-like fabric as the inner layer and a delicate open mesh outer layer. Additional overlays enhance durability and structure. The upper is both breathable and comfortable, resembling the comfort of adidas’ Ultraboost 4.0’s Primeknit, although thicker.

Hands-Free FlyEase System:

The Go FlyEase’s distinctive feature is its hands-free FlyEase system. The midsole/outsole can be folded, causing the midsole to rise. A contrasting outsole with a cutout marks the folding area. A robust rubber band at the sole-upper junction provides the necessary tension for the folding mechanism.

Putting on the Nike Go FlyEase:

Fold the heel area. Heel pops up. Slide in toes. Step on the heel. Heel sinks back down.

Taking off the Nike Go FlyEase:

Place opposite toe into the heel. Slide toes out gently. Heel pops up. The FlyEase system functions impressively, proving intuitive and convenient. Concerns about the rubber band’s durability exist, but it seems well-constructed. Note that while snapping the rubber band is possible, it’s not probable.


The cushioning setup is straightforward, featuring a full Cushlon foam midsole. Although the midsole pops up, it isn’t removable. The underfoot cushioning is decent, although not as plush as adidas’ Boost or Nike’s ZoomX. It provides comfort for extended wear.


The linear traction pattern with durable, grippy rubber performs well for everyday use. Slip resistance is above average.


Generally accommodating width-wise, and true-to-size selection offers an ideal length fit.


Personal fit is essential, as there’s no adjustable mechanism. Opting for the correct size minimizes potential heel slippage.

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