Impact 4

Step into the world of enhanced basketball performance with the Nike Impact 4. This sneaker is a powerhouse in lightweight basketball gear, designed to upgrade your game on the court significantly. Tailored for players who need both quickness and support, the Impact 4 comes with Max Air cushioning in the heel, guaranteeing both high-flying jumps and soft landings. More than just functional, this shoe also boasts rubber side wraps that increase both its durability and stability during dynamic gameplay.

Comfort is a standout feature of the Impact 4. It’s fitted with a Max Air unit in the heel, offering focused cushioning for those high-energy plays. The added padding in the heel and tongue further enhances this comfort, ensuring each movement is as comfortable as it is secure.

Nike has designed the Impact 4’s outsole with a herringbone traction pattern, understanding the critical role of control and stability in basketball. This pattern aids in mastering movement and maintaining a solid court grip. The outsole is cleverly crafted with diamond-shaped cut-outs, keeping the shoe light yet functional. Additionally, a tough toe skin increases the shoe’s resistance to regular wear and tear.

But it’s not all about cushioning. The Impact 4 also focuses on securing your foot. The midsole, sculpted from foam, wraps around the heel, stabilizing it significantly. In the forefoot area, moulded rubber wings add to this secure fit, ensuring your foot stays firmly in place, ready for quick and multi-directional moves.

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