ISPA Link Axis

The highly-anticipated Nike ISPA Link Axis has been generating significant excitement within the sneaker community and is poised to make its debut at the renowned atmos store in Tokyo, Japan. Nike’s distinctive circular design, initially teased in the spring of 2022, has captured the attention of enthusiasts. What truly distinguishes the ISPA Link Axis is its unwavering commitment to eco-conscious design principles. Nike places a strong emphasis on sustainability by employing recycled materials and ensuring that the shoe is both easy to clean and recycle.

This environmentally-friendly approach is evident in the shoe’s construction, featuring a Flyknit upper crafted from recycled polyester, TPU cages incorporating 20% recycled materials, midsoles fashioned from 100% recycled remnants of Nike airbags, and EVA sock liners containing 10% recycled materials. These eco-friendly choices reflect Nike’s ongoing dedication to minimizing its environmental footprint.

While sneaker enthusiasts in the United States eagerly anticipate the release of the ISPA Link Axis, this forward-thinking and eco-conscious footwear is preparing to make its initial debut in Tokyo, in partnership with atmos, a well-respected sneaker retailer known for its collaborative projects with Nike. Sneaker enthusiasts from around the world are eagerly awaiting the arrival of this environmentally-conscious and stylish footwear option.

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