J Force 1

The J Force 1, a product of the collaboration between Nike and Jacquemus, epitomises a fusion of artistic craftsmanship and environmental awareness. This partnership is inspired by Nike’s early-2000s Considered project, an initiative aimed at minimising glue usage to reduce environmental impact.

The sneaker is expertly crafted with a handwoven modification of the Air Force 1 upper, directly attached to the sole, thereby significantly cutting down on adhesive use. This method is not only environmentally beneficial but also imparts a distinctive look to the shoe, making it stand out both on the streets and in artistic circles.

Beyond its eco-friendly build, the J Force 1 is accentuated with opulent elements such as a subtle metal Swoosh and a “JF1” dubrae. The shoe’s textured webbing system not only guarantees structural integrity but also contributes to its aesthetic appeal.

The J Force 1 is as much about sustainable design as it is about making a fashion statement. A notable feature is the inverted logos on the outsole, ingeniously designed to leave an accurate imprint with each step, adding a touch of playfulness and creativity to its design.

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