Kobe 8 System

The Nike Kobe 8 System, a highlight of Kobe Bryant’s signature shoe collection, made its mark in 2012. Continuing the trend of low-cut basketball shoes, this model built on the legacy of Bryant’s earlier designs like the Kobe 4 and Kobe 6. Created by Nike’s Eric Avar, who worked closely with Bryant, the Kobe 8 stands out for its style and functionality. It features an Engineered Mesh upper and a Lunarlon insole, striking a balance between comfort and aesthetic appeal.


Known as Kobe Bryant’s lightest signature shoe, the Kobe 8 System is engineered for performance. Its full-length Lunarlon midsole and 3D heel counter keep the feet secure and comfortable, while the engineered mesh upper contributes to the shoe’s lightweight feel. The rubber outsole provides crucial traction and support, making it suitable for both competitive play and casual wear.


The shoe’s traction is impressive, thanks to its soft rubber outsole with a herringbone pattern, providing excellent grip on almost any indoor court. For outdoor play, the XDR outsole option is advisable for longer durability. The Lunarlon foam cushioning is a major plus, known for evenly distributing impact and offering joint support. This full-length cushioning ensures even wear and lasting comfort, unlike other models like the Hyperdunk 2012.


Despite initial doubts about the Engineered Mesh material, it has proven to be effective, adding support while keeping the shoe light. The fit of the Kobe 8 System is true to size, and although listed as narrow, it’s more comfortable than previous models like the Kobe 7, closely resembling the fit of the Kobe 6.


In summary, the Nike Kobe 8 System combines innovative design with exceptional comfort and performance. It stands as a tribute to Kobe Bryant’s legacy, making it a cherished choice among sneaker enthusiasts and basketball players.

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