Kwondo 1

Collaborating alongside his fashion label, PEACEMINUSONE (PMO), G-Dragon, the celebrated South Korean K-pop star, partnered with Nike to meticulously design the groundbreaking Kwondo 1 footwear. PMO, co-established in 2016 by G-Dragon and Gee Eun, solidified its presence by engaging in collaborative endeavors with Nike, most notably resulting in the creation of the Para-Noise Air Force 1 sneaker collection. The year 2021 marked the unveiling of the Kwondo 1, an extraordinary shoe design that seamlessly melds components from the realm of taekwondo and G-Dragon’s personal essence, as embodied by his name Kwon. The term ‘PMO’ originates from the logo, which bears resemblance to a peace symbol deliberately omitting a single stroke.

The upper wingtip section proudly showcases a base of leather, adorned with additional leather overlays, Swoosh logos, substantial lace coverings, lower segments, and wingtip toe compartments – all vividly contrasted by a consistent black hue. The sneakers prominently display a dual-logo emblem on the detachable lace coverings – Nike’s iconic symbol on the right shoe and PMO’s emblem on its left counterpart. The distinctive PMO signature motif, depicting a daisy with a lone petal absent, graces the heel portion of the sneakers.

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