Metcon Turbo 2

The Nike Zoom Metcon Turbo 2 energizes your workout routine with its perfect blend of speed and agility. This shoe excels in stability and responsiveness while remaining surprisingly lightweight, making it an excellent choice for various activities, from circuit training to intense treadmill sessions and regular cardio workouts. It features Zoom Air cushioning and a rope wrap on the instep, both optimized to reduce weight without sacrificing the shoe’s functionality or durability, offering you a light yet sturdy option for both speed and strength training.


The Metcon Turbo 2 stands out with its Zoom Air technology, which is both lightweight and responsive, ideal for quick, repetitive movements like box jumps and double-unders. This technology provides a springy feeling during takeoff and soft cushioning upon landing. Additionally, Nike React foam enhances the shoe’s responsiveness, making high-impact activities more comfortable.


Nike designed the upper of the shoe to be both lightweight and durable, capable of enduring wear and tear. The mesh exterior keeps your feet cool, even in the most intense workouts. The shoe also features popular elements like the rope wrap and handstand heel clip, now lighter to maintain their functionality.

The Zoom Metcon Turbo 2 suits high-energy workouts and casual wear, thanks to its wide, flat heel that stabilizes your stance and a flexible rubber sole. The instep, light yet tough enough to resist abrasion, and the outer mesh keep your feet comfortable, promoting airflow during high-intensity exercises.


In summary, the Nike Zoom Metcon Turbo 2 is a versatile and dependable training shoe, blending a lightweight design with responsive cushioning and durability. It’s an ideal choice for those tackling tough workouts or seeking a reliable shoe for everyday exercise, prioritizing both performance and style.

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