NikeCourt Lite 4

The NikeCourt Lite 4 is designed to facilitate performance during intense court play, supporting swift and agile movements to reach every shot. It uniquely combines durability and mobility, catering to players who need both in their game.

A key feature of the NikeCourt Lite 4 is the reinforced rubber in the toe area, particularly beneficial for those who often engage in aggressive toe dragging. This reinforcement ensures increased durability in high-wear zones. Additionally, the outsole, made of high-abrasion rubber, covers the entire bottom of the shoe, providing both long-lasting durability and dependable traction on diverse court surfaces.

The shoe’s construction includes synthetic overlays that offer essential lateral support while ensuring a secure fit around the heel. This stability is crucial during fast-paced lateral movements on the court. The upper part of the shoe, made with breathable mesh, keeps the feet cool and comfortable during extended periods of play.

Comfort in the NikeCourt Lite 4 is further accentuated by its soft collar and padded heel, offering additional support around the ankle – an essential feature for tennis players. The EVA foam underfoot inside the shoe adds a layer of cushioning, enhancing comfort during long rallies.

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