NikeCourt Zoom NXT

Developed from insights provided by top athletes, the NikeCourt Zoom NXT stands out for its exceptional blend of function and fashion. This shoe excels in balancing high-performance on the tennis court with a visually striking design.

At the heart of its design is the large Zoom Air unit located in the forefoot, purposefully engineered to provide an extra level of bounce and responsiveness, crucial for explosive movements such as serving. The unique curvature and articulation of this air unit allow for multi-directional flexibility, enhancing agility and responsiveness during play.

In its endeavour to balance lightness with durability, Nike utilises a breathable fabric in the upper. This ensures the shoe remains cool and comfortable, even during the most intense tennis matches. The shoe’s design also includes additional features such as a plush, padded collar and an internal sleeve, which work in tandem to minimise heel slip, ensuring a snug and secure fit.

The outsole of the NikeCourt Zoom NXT exemplifies Nike’s dedication to innovation. Crafted to be both durable and minimalist, it provides reliable grip without adding unnecessary weight, aiding swift and confident movements across the court.

The flexible mesh upper, paired with the central lacing system, contributes to its sleek appearance. This stylish look allows the shoe to not only perform exceptionally on the tennis court but also to make a fashion statement as an everyday sneaker.

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