In the year 2020, the renowned rapper Drake unveiled his Nike subsidiary label, NOCTA. The name of this label was crafted from the concept of the “nocturnal creative process” and drew inspiration from the Latin word “nox.” Within this introduction, Drake conveyed his enduring bond with Nike and his ambition to foster collaborations between the brand and entertainers, much like their collaborations with athletes. The emergence of NOCTA stood as the realization of his long-held vision and represented a noteworthy landmark in his career.

Drake, celebrated widely for his chart-topping tracks such as “God’s Plan,” took on the role of preserving creative control within the NOCTA initiative, ensuring that it resonated faithfully with his artistic perspective and integrity. The emblem of NOCTA, characterized by the intersection of three lines, triggered speculation concerning its underlying symbolism. Certain interpretations likened it to a trio of swords, reminiscent of the legendary three musketeers, encapsulating concepts of unity and strength.

The upper portion of the design elegantly combines mesh, TPU, and textile elements. Notable Nike branding graces the eyestays and midfoot areas, while the distinctive trident logo of NOCTA proudly takes its place on the tongue.

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