OffCourt Slide

The Nike OffCourt Slide, introduced in 2018 as a versatile lifestyle shoe, has since gained popularity for its comfort and style. Crafted with a low-profile design, it features a rubber outsole paired with a cushy foam midsole, while its synthetic upper boasts water-resistant properties for easy maintenance.

Designed for a multitude of activities, from daily errands to gym sessions and leisurely moments at home, the OffCourt Slide has become a favored choice among athletes seeking post-workout comfort.

Notably, it draws inspiration from Nike’s iconic Air Max 90 sneaker and incorporates sustainable elements like Nike Grind, a blend of recycled rubber and foam. Over the years, the OffCourt Slide has seen various iterations, collaborations, and new releases, solidifying its status as a sought-after sandal for those in pursuit of both style and comfort.

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