Phantom GX

The Nike Phantom football boot has evolved significantly since its inception in 2013, leading to the creation of the Phantom GX model. The Phantom GX features an impressive Gripknit upper that offers excellent touch and tackiness, enhancing ball control even in challenging conditions. The softness and grip of the upper contribute to a positive feel when interacting with the ball.

Dribbling with the Phantom GX takes some adjustment due to the grippy upper, but the softness of the material makes it enjoyable. However, the positioning of the Nike swoosh on the outside can disrupt the consistent feel during ball contact. Passing and shooting are standout features of the boots, with Gripknit encouraging powerful shots, spins, and accurate passes. Shooting feels precise and well-connected with the ball, thanks to the Gripknit technology.

Nevertheless, there are some grip-related issues, particularly with the rear studs on the soleplate. While the overall grip and stability are decent, the triangular rear studs lack stability and can shift during powerful kicks, affecting the overall experience. The lack of stability bars between these rear studs could contribute to this issue. Despite these grip concerns, the Nike Phantom GX offers an excellent balance of touch, feel, and shooting ability.

The Nike Phantom GX football boots are designed for technical players and playmakers, often worn by midfielders who control the flow of the game. These boots are equipped with Gripknit technology, providing precise ball control without being excessively sticky. Players in advanced roles, including goal creators and scorers, also appreciate the Phantom GX’s features for standing out on the pitch.

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