Stefan Janoski

In 2002, Nike SB line focused on Nike Dunks, led by Dunk SB model, marking Nike’s entry into skateboarding. After seven years, Dunk’s popularity waned. Nike reacted with new collections that gained prominence.

A key addition was the 2009 debut of Nike SB Stefan Janoski, named after skateboarder Stefan Janoski. This shoe showcased Nike’s commitment to skateboarding, designed by an insider. Janoski became the second skateboarder with a signature shoe, reinforcing Nike’s dedication.

Over a decade, Nike SB Stefan Janoski evolved into a vital Swoosh brand silhouette, especially popular in the Philippines. Janoski’s original design is celebrated for its dependability, blending traction, board responsiveness, and an understated look. It’s a preferred choice for skateboarders and sneaker enthusiasts.

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