Tiger Woods 2013

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the Tiger Woods 2013 shoe makes a comeback as Nike’s first true Tiger retro. This shoe, a favorite in its heyday, now brings golfers the comfort of Nike Free technology, tailored for the golf course. It’s a classic design, re-engineered to meet modern golfing needs.


The Tiger Woods 2013 is inspired by the man himself. Tiger Woods, a fan of Nike Free shoes for non-golf activities, wanted a golf shoe that felt just as good. The result? A shoe that blends everyday comfort with the specific needs of golf, changing the game in golf footwear.


Nike’s Dynamic Fit system is at the heart of this shoe. It’s all about targeted support, balancing strength and weight perfectly for a fit that feels custom-made. The system uses Flywire-infused nylon straps that wrap completely around the foot, from the footbed to the laces, ensuring the foot stays secure. This means golfers get the stability they need, without sacrificing flexibility.


The engineered outsole of the Tiger Woods 2013 deserves a special mention. It’s designed to work with the foot’s natural movement and adds top-notch traction you’d expect from a performance golf shoe. This means better ground contact for longer periods, helping transfer energy more efficiently from foot to shoe to ground – crucial for powerful swings and precise moves on the course.


In essence, the Tiger Woods 2013 isn’t just a throwback. It’s a reinvention of golf shoes, mixing the comfort we’ve come to love from Nike Free with the performance and stability needed on the green. For golfers and sneaker fans alike, this shoe is a standout choice, marrying classic comfort with modern golfing needs.

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