Vaporfly 3

In April 2023, Nike launched the Vaporfly 3, setting a new standard for racing shoes and carrying forward the legacy of the popular Vaporfly line that took off in 2017. The Vaporfly 3 is all about speed and responsiveness.

Its standout feature is a full-length carbon fiber plate that’s carefully designed to give you a powerful feeling with each step, reducing fatigue and allowing you to maintain your pace and endurance throughout the race.

The ZoomX midsole, known for its lightweight and high responsiveness, ensures every step gives you maximum energy return, pushing you forward efficiently and swiftly.

The Vaporfly 3’s upper is made using Flyknit technology, securing your foot snugly while providing excellent breathability. This ensures a stable and confident feeling with every stride.

The Vaporfly 3 isn’t just a shoe; it’s a culmination of innovative design and cutting-edge technology meant to help runners push their limits and break records. With its incredible responsiveness and fatigue-reducing features, the Vaporfly 3 reflects Nike’s unwavering commitment to advancing athletic performance boundaries.

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