Zoom Fly 5

The Nike Zoom Fly 5 is the latest addition to the Zoom Fly series, which was first introduced in 2017. This shoe is designed to cater to a wide range of runners, offering versatility from daily training sessions to marathon distances.

In this fifth installment, there are several notable improvements over its predecessor. One of the most significant changes is the introduction of the new ZoomX midsole core, which replaces the React foam from the Zoom Fly 4. This new midsole provides a lighter and more responsive feel underfoot. The shoe’s stability is enhanced with a broader platform, giving runners a secure base. The upper part of the shoe has been redesigned to focus on increased breathability and support, ensuring a snug yet comfortable fit. Additionally, a full-length carbon fiber plate in the midsole adds a propulsive element to every stride, making the shoe an excellent choice for runners looking to increase their speed.

From beginners to experienced marathon runners, the Zoom Fly 5 has become a favored choice, carrying on the legacy of its predecessors while bringing innovation and improved performance.

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