ZoomX Invincible Run 3

Over the past couple of years, running enthusiasts have widely recognized the Invincible Run as the leading max-cushioned trainer, and it has set a new benchmark for comfort and energy response in this category. What sets it apart is its use of Nike’s premium midsole foam, ZoomX, which the company employs in its high-end racing shoes as well. The Invincible 3 offers strong support, adding stability and effectively guarding against pronation issues. Additionally, its high-level cushioning provides a soft and enjoyable running experience, and the Nike ZoomX foam gives you an energetic feel with each step. The Flyknit upper adds comfort by keeping your feet secure and ventilated.

Notably, the Invincible 3 comes with improvements such as a smaller heel clip, enhanced stability with a wider midsole, and increased foam stacks for better cushioning, all in a sleek design. However, it’s important to mention that the latest version has a modified strobel lining under the insole, potentially resulting in a firmer ride with less energy return. The extended heel clip might also pose a challenge for runners with wider or flatter feet. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a super-soft, max-cushioned trainer with excellent bounce and energy return, the Nike ZoomX Invincible Run 3 remains an excellent choice.

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