Does The Adidas Adimatic Fit True To Size? Review & Size Guide

Over the past couple of years, the skateboarding scene has been completely dominated by silhouettes from the likes of Nike and Vans. So, in 2022, Adidas decided to stun halfpipe OGs everywhere by bringing back the legendary Adidas Adimatic. First introduced back in the ’90s, the community was left speechless by the revival of this long-forgotten model. That said, to nobody’s surprise, it’s now one of the most popular pairs in the German sportswear company’s release calendar.

Known for its unashamedly vintage aesthetic and retro vibe, no sneaker collection is complete without the Adimatic. If you’ve been thinking of adding a pair to your rotation but you don’t know where to begin, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, Captain Creps will be covering everything from its overall design, the sizing and fit, and so much more. So keep reading to find out everything that you need to know!

How Does The Adidas Adimatic Fit?

The Adimatic was extremely popular three decades ago, especially in Asian markets. Known for its buttery all-suede construction, it made its grand debut in a “Green” colour scheme and was famous for its thick Three Stripe branding across the lateral and medial sidewalls. This continues to play a prominent role even 30 years later. But nowadays, you’ll also find pairs equipped with leather for an extra premium finish.

Generally speaking, the Adimatic fits true to size (TTS). Like most skate shoes of the ’90s era, these feel quite roomy. This means that trainer lovers with particularly wide feet will feel right at home here. As always, we’d recommend that you try these on in-store to get the perfect fit.

Is the Adidas Adimatic a comfortable shoe?

If you’re a fan of the other boarding icons like Nike SB Dunk, then you’re going to love the Adimatic. Built like a traditional skate shoe, the dimensions are on the beefier side. Padding around the tongue and collar offer extra support while kickflipping. With that said, even those who don’t know how to do an ollie will be able to fully appreciate just how comfortable these kicks are.

A pair of fat laces tie everything together, and unlike most modern skate sneakers that are infused with all of the latest technologies and innovations, the Adimatic goes full throwback with a traditional rubber midsole, housed within a zigzag midsole and gum rubber outsole. So, is the Admatic comfy? Hell, yes.

Is the Adidas Adimatic good for skateboarding?

At this point, this is a question that doesn’t even need to be answered. However, if you’re seriously wondering if the Adimatic is good for skateboarding, we can honestly tell you that it’s one of the best skate shoes that you’ll ever own. From the chunky tongue, to the plush collar, all the way to the rubber midsole underfoot, every single aspect and detail has been engineered with the halfpipe in mind.

Since its return in 2022, the Adimatic has been blessed with countless coveted collaborations. From Hommyo Hidefumi’s atmos and Yo Shitara’s BEAMS, all the way to Nigo’s Human Made and Shinsuke Takizawa’s Neighborhood, if you’re a fan of hyped, old school Japanese skatewear, this is a must own.

Where can I buy the Adidas Adimatic?

The Adimatic is becoming more and more popular by the second. GRs are generally widely available, so you won’t need to join raffles or camp outside stores to cop a pair:

The Bottom Line

The Adidas Adimatic was first introduced in the 1990s, and after a hiatus, it was revived almost three decades later in 2022. Since then, it has become one of the Herzogenaurach brand’s most hyped sneakers. Fitting true to size, it’s crafted from buttery suede and rests atop a thick rubber midsole for unrivalled levels of comfort. So, if you’re thinking of adding the Adimatic to your collection, there’s never been a better time than the present!