How Does the Air Jordan 11 Low Fit? A Sizing Guide & Review

The Air Jordan 11 Low is, no doubt, one of the most underrated Jordan Brand sneakers of all-time. A low-cut version of the legendary Air Jordan 11, it was introduced back in 1996 after that season’s NBA playoffs.

While the Air Jordan 11 isn’t as popular as its high-top cousin, it still deserves a spot in your rotation. So, if you’re interested in a grabbing a pair and you want to know if they’re comfortable and fit true to size, you’ll find everything that you need to know right here. So let’s get to it!

Does the Air Jordan 11 Low Fit True to Size?

Generally speaking, the AJ11 Low fits true to size (TTS). So, if you wanted to grab a pair for yourself, just go with your usual size. However, we would still recommend trying these sneakers on before purchasing them if you can, as they could still be too small or too big for your feet.

Is the Air Jordan 11 Low Appropriate for Those With Narrow Feet?

The 11 Lows are incredibly accommodating for narrow feet, and will provide ample support for all of the key areas. You can go true to size with them, and you will not need to go for a slightly lower size. Again, we would recommend trying them on first first to make sure they fit perfectly. 

Is the Air Jordan 11 Low Appropriate for Those With Wide Feet?

As the Jordan 11 Low is based off of classic basketball shoes, they’re very comfortable for those with wider feet. The reason for this is that the toebox is roomy and accommodating, and the midfoot area is spacious as well. Basketball trainers are naturally on the broader side, as this allows the wearer’s toes to spread out when making contact with the floor.

Is the Air Jordan 11 Low Comfortable to Wear?

Absolutely. Having been based on the design of more traditional Js, the Air Jordan 11 Low is extremely comfortable and will easily accommodate your feet whether standing still for long periods or engaging in intense exercise. 

The roomy toebox makes these shoes great for basketball, as there’s plenty of space for your toes to spread out. As well as this, the mid-foot regions offer plenty of support to all of the most crucial areas of the feet, to keep them from straining.

Of course, true to the name, these shoes also feature Nike Air technology to help make them much more comfortable. The small pockets of air found in the heels of the shoes help to lift you off of the ground with every step.

How Long Does It Take to Break in the Air Jordan 11 Low?

When you first purchase a pair of Lows, you might find that they feel a little unwieldy for the first few days. It’s important to give yourself plenty of time to break them in so that they can mould around your feet and provide you with the support you need. You should expect this process to take around 3 weeks.

Of course, if you were to wear the shoes more frequently, and for longer periods, then the break-in period may actually be slightly shorter. That said, you should avoid wearing them too frequently to start off with, until they have broken in, as this can save you a lot of foot strain.

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The Bottom Line

We totally love the way that the Air Jordan 11 Low feels. If your feet are slightly narrow, or slightly wide, they will still fit perfectly. If you want some subtle basketball shoes, or some comfortable and stylish sneakers, then these are easily your best bet. They have plenty of room and plenty of flexibility to allow your feet to be supported no matter what.