How Does the Nike Dunk Fit Compared to the New Balance 550?

When it comes to choosing between the Nike Dunk and the New Balance 550, sneaker enthusiasts often find themselves weighing not just style but also fit. Over the past couple of years, both silhouettes have garnered significant attention and acclaim, each with its unique history and design ethos. The Dunk, originating from basketball courts, has evolved into something of a streetwear icon, while the 550, also with hardwood roots, has seen a resurgence, appealing to a crowd that values both athletic heritage and contemporary aesthetics.

In this article, Captain Creps aims to dissect the sizing nuances between the Nike Dunk and the New Balance 550, offering a detailed comparison to help you make an informed choice. So let’s get to it.

Do Nike Dunks Fit the Same as the New Balance 550?

When comparing the fit of the Nike Dunk and the New Balance 550, it’s important to understand that each brand has its distinct sizing characteristics. The former is known for its narrow build, especially in the toe box area. This feature is a carryover from their basketball shoe design, intended to provide a snug fit for better control on the court. However, for casual wear, this can mean that individuals with wider feet might find them less comfortable without sizing up.

In contrast, the latters tends to offer a more generous fit. This silhouette is known for its slightly wider toebox and overall roomier construction, making it a favourable choice for those with broader feet. The 550’s design prioritises comfort, suitable for long-term wear, and doesn’t hug the foot as tightly as the Dunk.

For someone deciding between these two, the choice may come down to their foot shape and preference for fit. Those with narrower feet might lean towards Nike for its closer fit, while those seeking more space and comfort might prefer the New Balance.

Does the Nike Dunk Run True to Size?

Determining if Dunks runs true to size is a topic often discussed among trainer fans. The general consensus is that in terms of length, they typically fit according to standard shoe sizes. However, their narrow design brings another dimension to consider, particularly for those with wider feet.

For individuals with average foot width, choosing their usual shoe size when buying Dunks is likely to result in a comfortable fit. But for those who have broader feet, it might be beneficial to go up half a size.

The material composition of the Dunk also plays a role in its fit. Leather models, for instance, might initially offer a snug fit but tend to stretch a bit with regular wear, conforming better to the foot’s shape over time. Conversely, versions made with canvas or other materials may offer slightly more immediate flexibility.

Does the New Balance 550 Run True to Size?

The sizing of the 550 is a crucial aspect to consider for potential buyers. Generally, it is recognised for running true to size. This means that most wearers can comfortably select their regular shoe size when purchasing this pair. One of its defining features is its wider toebox compared to many other sneaker. This design aspect makes the 550 particularly accommodating for a variety of foot shapes, offering ample room without feeling overly spacious.

However, as with any shoe, individual preferences and variations in foot shape play a significant role in determining the ideal fit. Those with particularly narrow feet might find the 550 slightly roomier than other models and may consider going a half size down for a snugger fit. It’s also worth noting that materials used in different iterations can affect the fit slightly, with leather models potentially requiring a brief break-in period to achieve optimal comfort.

Is the Nike Dunk Comfortable?

When assessing the comfort of the Dunk, it’s important to consider its original design intention and how it has been adapted for casual wear. Originally a basketball shoe, the Dunk offers a level of support and stability that aligns with athletic footwear. The narrow, snug fit, which provides a secure feel, is one of the features that contributes to its comfort, particularly for sports-related activities.

However, for everyday wear, the level of comfort experienced can vary based on individual foot shape and size. The sneaker’s firm midsole and minimal arch support might not cater to everyone’s needs, especially for those requiring more cushioning or specialized support. The good news is that the insole can be replaced with orthotic inserts to enhance comfort.

Is the New Balance 550 Comfortable?

The 550 scores high on comfort for everyday wear, drawing on the brand’s legacy of crafting shoes that are as functional as they are stylish. The model offers a balanced combination of cushioning and support, suitable for extended periods of wear. The wider toe box design of the 550 not only enhances the fit but also adds to the overall comfort, allowing for natural toe spread and movement.

Moreover, the cushioning in the 550 aims to deliver a comfortable underfoot experience, balancing softness without compromising the shoe’s structural integrity. The padding around the collar and the tongue of the shoe also contributes to a snug, comfortable fit around the ankle, minimising the likelihood of chafing or discomfort in that area.

The Bottom Line

If you’re choosing between the Nike Dunk and the New Balance 550, understanding each silhouette’s sizing and comfort is essential. Both sneakers offer distinct styles and fits, catering to various preferences and needs.

The Nike Dunk, with its sporty heritage, provides a snug, supportive fit, ideal for those who favour a more athletic look. The New Balance 550, on the other hand, offers a wider fit and a more casual aesthetic, suitable for day-long comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Nike Dunk and New Balance 550 unisex?

Yes, both brands create both models to be unisex, although they may list them in men’s sizing.

Can I find vegan options for these models?

Both brands have made efforts towards sustainability, but it’s best to check specific product details for vegan materials.

Do Nike Dunks and New Balance 550s come in children’s sizes?

Yes, both models are available in sizes for children and adolescents.

How often do new colourways of these models get released?

Brands release new colorways periodically throughout the year, depending on their schedules and collaborations.

Is there a significant price difference between the Nike Dunk and the New Balance 550?

The price can vary based on the model, edition, and place of purchase, with limited editions typically being more expensive.