How Does the Nike Dunk Fit Compared to the Nike Air Force 1?

On paper, the Nike Dunk and the Nike Air Force 1 share more similarities than differences. While the former was designed by the late and great Peter Moore and the latter by Bruce Kilgore, at the end of the day, they’re both low-top basketball shoes by Nike that were released during ’80s. However, their sizing is far from the same, so in this guide by Captain Creps, we’ll be checking out how the fit of the Dunk stacks up against the Air Force 1.

We’ll also be exploring comfort, the best places to buy them, and answering some frequently asked questions. And, while you’re here, if you’re interested in how the Dunk fits compared to the Air Jordan 1, find out here.

Does the Nike Dunk Fit the Same as the Nike Air Force 1?

When it comes to the Dunk and the Air Force 1, the question on every sneakerhead’s mind is whether these iconic kicks offer the same fit. While they both share a lineage that throws back to the hardwood, their paths in design have branched out, leading to a noticeable difference in how they hug your feet.

The Dunk, originally engineered for the basketball court, boasts a snug fit that aims to keep athletes locked in and ready for action. This translates to a form that’s true to size for most, embracing the foot for those quick pivots and jumps. If you’re someone whose feet don’t stray too far from the average width, Dunks are likely to fit you like a glove straight out of the box.

On the other side of the court, Air Force 1s are known for their slightly roomier build, offering a bit more wiggle room without crossing into the oversized territory. This makes them a friendlier option for those with wider feet who might feel constrained in a pair of Dunks.

Should I Size Up or Down in the Nike Dunk?

Deciding whether to size up or down in the Dunk really depends on personal preference. If you’re someone with narrow to average feet, sticking to your true size is the best step to take. Dunks are designed to accommodate your typical size while providing the secure fit that made them a staple on the basketball court.

However, if your feet are on the wider end of the spectrum, consider going half a size up. This offers your feet the freedom they need without sliding into the realm of clown shoes.

Is the Nike Dunk More Comfortable Than the Nike Air Force 1?

Comfort is subjective, especially when it comes to the legendary battle between the Dunk and the Air Force 1. Each trainer boasts unique features that contribute to its comfort level, and deciphering which is more comfortable depends largely on personal preference and foot anatomy.

The Dunk, with its origins firmly planted on the hardcourt, offers a fit that is snug yet flexible, with just enough padding to support swift movements. The flat sole is consistent with its vintage design, providing a stable feel underfoot, though it may not offer the plush sensation that some sneaker enthusiasts look for in a comfort-centric shoe.

In contrast, the Air Force 1, with its chunkier silhouette and thicker midsole, is often lauded for its generous cushioning. The iconic Air technology embedded in the heel delivers a responsive bounce that can cushion the impact during a walk or casual wear. This extra padding makes the Air Force 1 a heavyweight in comfort, often chosen for long durations of wear where foot fatigue is a concern.

Does the Nike Dunk High Fit the Same as the Dunk Low?

When looking at the Dunk family, the Highs and Lows are like siblings with similar traits but distinct personalities. The fit of Dunk High and Dunk Low is comparable in terms of length and width; however, the high-top version offers additional ankle support with its extended collar. This doesn’t necessarily change the overall sizing, but it does alter the sensation and security around the ankle, which can be a deciding factor for wearers.

The Dunk Low provides a freer feeling around the ankle, which can translate to a sense of more space and less restriction – ideal for those who value agility and ease of movement. Meanwhile, the Dunk High envelops the ankle, which some wearers might perceive as a snugger fit.

Where is the Best Place to Buy the Nike Dunk?

Scoring a pair of Dunks can feel like a triumph, given their popularity and the hype that surrounds their releases. The best place to buy Dunks? Start straight from the source: Nike’s official website and app often feature the latest drops and colourways, and they’re your best bet for snagging a pair at retail price. The SNKRS app, in particular, offers early access and exclusive releases, but you’ll need to be quick and often lucky, as they tend to sell out fast.

If the direct route doesn’t pan out, reputable sneaker boutiques and sportswear retailers are your next stops. Shops like Foot Locker and JD Sports regularly stock Dunks and sometimes get exclusive colourways. For those looking to find special editions or past releases, secondary marketplaces like StockX and GOAT can be treasure troves, provided you’re willing to potentially pay above retail.

Where is the Best Place to Buy the Nike Air Force 1?

The Nike Air Force 1 has been a mainstay in the sneaker world for over four decades, and thankfully, they’re a bit easier to come by than Dunks. You can find them on Nike’s website and in physical stores, where they frequently restock standard colourways and introduce new designs. Retailers like Offspring and size? are also reliable sources for a wide selection of Air Force 1s.

For those on the hunt for something more unique, like limited releases or collaborations, resale platforms might be the way to go. StockX and GOAT are popular choices for securing verified authentic sneakers, albeit at market-driven prices. Occasionally, you might also get lucky with vintage or rare finds on platforms like eBay or in local sneaker communities and marketplaces.

The Bottom Line

In the face-off between the Nike Dunk and the Nike Air Force 1, both models are legendary in their own right, but their sizing depends entirely on personal preference. Dunks offer a snugger fit, a nod to their basketball origins, making them a favourite for those who prefer a more athletic, close-to-the-foot feel. On the other hand, Air Force 1s provide a roomier fit and more cushioning underfoot, which many find perfect for all-day wear and enduring comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear the Nike Dunk or the Nike Air Force 1 for sports?

Dunks originated as basketball shoes and can be worn for casual sports activities, while Air Force 1s are more suitable for casual wear due to their design.

Are there any special care instructions for the Nike Dunks or the Nike Air Force 1?

Both should be cleaned regularly with appropriate cleaners and stored in a cool, dry place to maintain their appearance and lifespan.

Does the Nike Dunk or Nike Air Force 1 come in non-leather materials?

Yes, both models are available in a variety of materials, including synthetic and textile uppers, catering to different preferences and needs.

How often do Nike release new Dunks or Air Force 1s?

Nike releases new versions and colorways of both models regularly throughout the year.