How do Air Jordan 1s fit compared to the Nike Air Force 1? Are they true to size?

Things to look out for when buying a fresh pair of AJ1 or AF1

The Nike Air Force 1 remains one of the most sought-after silhouettes around the world. It has dominated the shoe market for more than three decades now, striking an unbreakable bond with sneaker lovers. The Nike Air Force 1 was initially designed for basketball but this classic has grown to become a regular street staple adored by millions around the globe.

The question that comes up again and again, however, is: Does the Air Force 1 fit true to size or do they go any bigger?

How Do They Fit In General?

While the Air Jordan 1s fit true to size, you may have to go a size lower with the Air Force 1s. This is because the Air Force 1s are quite big on the foot. So if you’re looking for a crep that fits nicely and true to size, you should consider getting a smaller size. The Air Jordan 1s, on the other hand, fit quite well and are true to size.

Short History Of The AJ1, How Does It Fit In General?

Air Jordan 1 is still by far one of the most respected sneakers in the world. After making its grand entrance into the sneaker market in the mid-80s, the Air Jordan has grown to become one of the highest-selling sneakers of all time. What makes these kicks so irresistible to sneakerheads all over is their unique colourway. Loyal fans will stump all over each other to get their hands on any one of these sleek pieces. Air Jordan has exclusive access to all the latest technology typical of any Nike product so the issue of comfort is never in doubt.

The question for many sneaker lovers however remains: does the Air Jordan fit true to size or do they go bigger?

It is a straight YES. The Air Jordan 1 fits true to size and doesn’t run any bigger. 

The Verdict: How does the AF1 compare in size to the AJ!?

From the two pieces discussed above, a simple verdict can be arrived at with ease. The truth is that Air Jordan 1 fits true to size, making them a variable alternative. However, if your preference is the Air Force 1s, you should consider going a size lower for the perfect fit.

Where to buy new Air Jordan 1 ?

The Nike Air Jordan 1s are available on many physical retail stores and online platforms around the world. You can visit any of the links below to order a pair:

Where to buy Deadstock Air Jordan 1?

You can get a pair of deadstock Air Jordan 1s by visiting the following links below:

Where to buy new Air Force 1 ?

How do Air Jordan 1 fit
image source: SneakerFreaker

The Air Force 1 sneakers are available in several physical retail outlets and online stores across the globe. To order a pair of these dope kicks, visit any of the links outlined below:

Where to buy Deadstock AF1?

You can get a pair of deadstock Air Jordan 1 by visiting the following links below:

How do Air Jordan 1 fit
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Final Thoughts

Choosing one of two classics is always a close tie for many sneakerheads. But if your thing isn’t so much about aesthetics, here a few important factors to consider before you make your pick.

1.   Fit: The Air Jordan 1 fits true to size, whereas the Air force 1 can go down half a size as they fit big.

2.   Comfort: According to a survey by a cross-section of active wearers of both sneaks, the Air Jordan 1s are more comfortable than Airforce 1.

3.   Sizing: Both come in unisex sizes.

4.   Care: When it comes to caring and maintenance, the Airforce 1 is a sure go. With a simple damp rag, you can easily clean your Airforce 1 kicks (see our guide on how to clean white airforce shoes here). Air Jordan 1s are typically harder to maintain because of the suede.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How’s the Air Jordan 1 sizing for wide feet?

There is a size of Air Jordan 1 that fits for every foot length. It’s true that some people’s feet are unusually wide and have a large girth. Nonetheless, this is what makes Air Jordan 1 unique. They are very expandable and can accommodate any foot size. The trick is to go for 0.5 extra sizes so your wide feet can have enough legroom to suck in both feet length and girth.

Does the Jordan 1 fit true to size?

The simple answer is YES. The Nike Air Jordan 1 fits true to size and does not go any bigger.

Do Jordan 1s fit bigger than usual? 

No, it does not fit any bigger than normal. The Jordan 1 fits just true to size.

Are Jordan 1s comfortable?

It is a big YES! Nike Air Jordan 1s are probably one of the most comfortable sneakers available in the market today.

Do Air Jordan 1s stretch?

Nike Air Jordan 1s are expandable because of their elastic nature. So even if you have feet that are wider than normal, Air Jordan 1s can stretch to accommodate them. This is because they are made for all types of feet.

Does the Nike Air Force 1 fit true to size?

The Nike Airforce 1 goes half a size down than other regular sneakers in the market. Because the Airforces are quite big on the leg, you may opt for a smaller size to get that giddy fit.

Do Air Jordan 1 come with extra laces?

Nike Air Jordans typically come with three pairs of laces: white, black and red to give wearers a variety of styling options. This makes it easy for you to match your favourite shoes in several outfits. No one loves boring shoes, yeah?

Do Air Jordan 1s make you taller?

Because of their high heels, the Nike Air Jordan 1 accentuates a tall look. So yes, you can say they make you look taller. The soles are a couple of inches thick so it’s natural to feel taller in these shoes.

Does the Air Force 1 stretch over time?

Airforce 1s generally have a wide girth, so there is no room for stretching over time. your Airforces maintain the same shape and size they came in, so you’ve got nothing to worry about with these classics.

Should the Nike Air Force ones be broken in overtime to feel more comfortable?

The Airforce 1s are built stiffer for a tight grip on a typical day at the courts. It is not designed for soft runs. The good however is that Airforce 1s are made of leather so to get the highest level of comfort, they need to be broken in.