Jordan Point Lane Review & Sizing Guide

The Jordan Point Lane is one of the more recent Jordan releases. Drawing inspiration from Michael Jordan’s Chicago home in a slight departure from the usual retro styles. The sprawling mansion spans seven acres and cements the retired basketballer’s legendary status.

What inspired Jordan Point Lane’s creation?

While the inspiration behind every Jordan shoe is the man himself, the Jordan Point Lane is history and excellence mashed into a fresh new silhouette. The shoe draws inspiration from three of its predecessors worn by Michael Jordan in the three best seasons of his career.

So don’t be surprised to see elements from Jordan 3, 6, and 11 in the new Point Lane. The Jumpman brand sewed MJ’s biggest seasons into the details. The combination of those seasons made the sneakers name easy to choose; none other than the Chicago mansion MJ lived in during those years.

The shoes have also drawn some inspiration from classic Nike Air Max styles, which isn’t all that surprising given the relationship between both brands. Without Nike, the Jumpman shoes may have never come to light, and that cordial brotherhood remains today.

Jordan Point Lane Review

On initial glance, the Jordan Point Lane has that clear visual appeal, especially in some of the stand-out colourways such as the “Black Ice” or the “Infrared”. Delivering both a sturdy Basketball shoe and a Jordan lifestyle shoe crossover that combined to make this one of the most popular sneakers of Q4 2021.

One of the prominent features of the Jordan Point Lane is its large air unit. Bearing similarity to the Nike Air Max 200, which supposedly offers twice as much cushioning available in comparison to traditional Air Max.

Looking at the intricate details, the elastic Lace Loops help ensure a more comfortable and customizable fit, The sole also features a healthy dose of rubber, which is always welcome underfoot and the thick ankle collar gives cushioning and support just where it’s needed.

In addition to the air unit, the shoe also draws inspiration from the Air Jordan 3’s heel while the midsole details have been drafted from the Air Jordan 6. The Air Jordan 11 influence can be seen in the stretchy tongue tags, leather overlays and ballistic upper mesh.

However, as it is customary with the Jumpman brand, you can always expect comfort, classic colorways, incredible traction, and now with the addition of the large air unit, increased cushioning.

Is the Jordan Point Lane true to size?

Yes, the Jordan Point Lane fits true to size, meaning you don’t have to worry about going a size up or down when ordering them. The shoe fits snugly, allowing you to run, cut, and dribble easily. Their comfortable fit also makes them good as a lifestyle shoe, perfect for walking for long durations of time or wearing casually on the street.

Where to Buy the Jordan Point Lane?

You can buy the Jordan Point Lane online from Nike, Footlocker or via StockX.

OG Colourways

The Point Lane blends lifestyle and basketball and understandably comes in a handful of retro-inspired colorways. These include the Infrared (the most popular in the community), the Black Chrome, Electric green, Fireberry, Urban Jungle, and Aqua. The multiple colorways make buying the Point Lane a ‘choose your fighter’ process, with pretty much every colourway hitting the mark.

Final Thoughts

Sporty, comfortable, and nostalgia-inducing are some of the words that come to mind when looking at the Jordan Point Lane. The Jumpman brand isn’t banking on reminiscent sneaker fans alone with this offering. The Jordan Point Lane in its first few months of releases has secured itself as a modern classic, that is guaranteed to turn the heads of both the seasoned and up and coming sneakerhead. A definite hit in our books.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy the Jordan Point Lane infrared?

The infrared colorway has proven a bit difficult to find, and quite rightly so. It’s got the classic colour palette that always delivers and that’s meant many people have been struggling to lay their hands on it. Luckily, you can always find the Jordan point lane on StockX and restocks have been consistent on JD, Nike and Footlocker, but hurry though; these sneaks are getting lots of love.

Are Jordan Point Lanes real Jordans?

The Jordan Point Lane is about as real as Jumpan shoes come. The shoes were released in 2021 and incorporate some of the brightest moments of the OG Jumpan’s career.

If you’re ever in doubt about the authenticity, a good tip is to check the logo and the sticker on the box your shoes come in. If the logo or sticker looks fishy (with uneven spaces or lettering), then you probably have a wannabe on your hands.

Lastly, you can ensure your Jordan shoes are original by buying from trusted retailers by reading up on our Guide To Spotting Fake Jordans

Are Jordan Point Lanes good for basketball?

It’s quite easy to forget that the Jumpan brand is basketball-focused due to the coolness of its shoes. The Jordan Point Lane, like other installments of the Jumpan brand, are made with the basketballer’s comfort in mind. So, sure you can hoop in them and do great too. 

How do you clean Jordan point lanes?

The first step in cleaning your Jordan point lanes is removing the laces. Laces should be washed separately, especially when putting your shoes in the washing machine. Your shoes are more than a fashion statement, and putting them in the washer just isn’t good enough.

If you’re a hands-on person, an old toothbrush does the trick (yeah, the Drake lines ring true). All you need to do is dabble the bristles in clean water and apply some shoe cleaner before scrubbing. You can also clean your Jordan Point Lanes by wiping them with a damp cloth.

How do I lace Jordan Point Lanes?

You can lace your Jordan Point Lanes like your regular sneakers in different ways, depending on your preferred style. The first is lacing it to the top and finishing it up in a bow. This gives it a sporty look and helps the shoes fit snugglier on your feet.

Another way to lace the Jordan Point Lanes is the no-look style. Here, you lace the shoes almost to the top and tuck the laces in behind the flap.

Does Jordan Point Lane run big or small?

The Jordan Point Lane doesn’t run big or small. Rather, they fit true to size, just like most Jordan shoes. So when getting these babies online, feel free to order your usual size. It fits just as nice.

Does the Jordan Brand run small?

No, they don’t. Jordan shoes generally fit true to size. Also, Jordan shoes are made by Nike and generally run on the same size chart, so you may find that your Nike size and Jordan size are similar. However, it is important to note that shoe fittings depend on the type of material used. To avoid sizing problems, always confirm from the retailer if the shoe fits true to size when ordering online.