Nike vs. Adidas Sizing: How Do They Compare?

There’s nothing worse than grabbing a pair of brand new sneakers only to find that they don’t fit well. This is made all the more difficult when you consider that some brands have very different sizing conventions compared to others. 

For example, you might cop some Nike shoes with confidence knowing that your size will always fit perfectly. However, this may lead to disappointment when you grab trainers of the same size from another company, only to find that they’re way too small.

If that sounds like something that you’ve experienced yourself, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll be comparing Nike vs. Adidas and finding out how their sizing compares to each other. So, let’s get to it!

How Should Sneakers Fit?

In order to find the perfect sneaker size, you’ll need to first understand what it actually means when a pair of shoes “fits.” Generally, you’ll want to ensure that there is ample space between the front of your shoes and the tips of your toes. If your toes are too close to the front, they’ll become strained very quickly. 

The correct pair of shoes should also have the perfect depth in order to accommodate the entirety of your foot. This ensures that your toes will not rub, and will also accommodate people who have larger tops to their feet.

Nike vs. Adidas: Which Sneakers Are Bigger?

What’s tough about being a fan of both Nike and Adidas is that they fit very differently. General speaking, the German company’s trainers are slightly bigger than the Swoosh’s, even when they’re the same size.

For instance, Nike sneakers in a size 11.5UK would be around 30cm in length. However, an Adidas 11.5UK instead measures at around 30.5cm. While that extra 0.5cm may sound like nothing at all, it can be the difference between an ill-fitting trainer, and one that fits just right.

Nike vs. Adidas: Which Sneakers Are Wider?

It’s quite difficult to say for certain whether Nike or Adidas shoes are wider because this can change depending on their original purpose. So, when choosing the perfect width, be sure to consider what you will be using them for and then check out the individual measurements of each shoe before you buy. We strongly recommend trying them on in person first if you can. 

Generally, you’ll want your trainers to be slightly wider if you are going to use them to play basketball or similar sports. This makes it easier to jump on the spot, and also allows you to quickly make different lateral movements at a moment’s notice. Running shoes, on the other hand, tend to be a little more narrow in order to keep your toes facing forward so that you can move in a clear direction at a greater pace.

Nike vs. Adidas: Which Sneakers Are More Comfortable?

Comfort is really a matter of personal opinion. With that said, both sportswear giants feature innovative technologies that are specifically designed to support every part of your foot. 

Some sneakerheads may find the Adidas Boost offers more cushioning while on the hardcourt, whereas others think the Nike Air helps them to achieve faster speeds while running. Providing you pick shoes that fit your feet perfectly and deliver optimum support, both Nike and Adidas can be equally as comfortable. As always, we strongly recommend that you try them on in person first if you can. 

Nike Sizing Chart Guide

Adidas Sizing Chart Guide

The Bottom Line

And there you have it! While the sizing differences between Nike vs. Adidas are very minimal, it’s something that’s worth bearing in mind when buying your next sneaker. Basically, Adidas shoes are usually slightly larger, so make sure to grab Nikes half a size up from your normal shoe size!