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Drop Date: 09/12/2023

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Brand: adidas

RRP: £ 140.00

Colourway: Black/Gold

Style Code: ID8729

The adidas Crazy IIInfinity “Gold” ID8729 sports a functional zip-up shroud that’s a throwback to the Kobe 3 design, delivering both a unique look and practical coverage. The gold foam upper makes a statement, detailed with the Three Stripes logo, and is complemented by the dark grey panels on the toe that subtly include the same iconic branding.


At the heel, the colour shifts to a muted tan, creating a clean transition from the bold gold. This sneaker’s design is functional, too, with the mesh shroud covering the laces for a sleeker profile, while the embroidered logo on the tongue keeps brand visibility on point.


Comfort hasn’t been overlooked. The midsole is built with EVA cushioning, ready for all-day wear, and is paired with a dark grey rubber outsole. The outsole’s design takes cues from the original Crazy 1, known for its solid traction.


With these features, the adidas Crazy IIInfinity “Gold” is more than just eye-catching—it’s built for both sneaker fans who prize standout design and those who demand performance and comfort in their everyday wear.



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