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Drop Date: 18/08/2023

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Brand: Adidas

RRP: £ 85

Colourway: Wonder Glow/Blue/Gum

Style Code: GR530ZP

The adidas Handball Spezial “Wonder Glow Blue” FV1226 is a trainer that taps into nostalgia by drawing inspiration from the world of indoor sports. In a society always focused on the latest and most advanced, there’s a unique allure in celebrating enduring classics that have stood the test of time. Think about the comforting crackle of vintage vinyl records, the timeless charm of classic films, and the snug feeling of sliding into a well-worn vintage denim jacket – these elements hold a certain charm that resonates with many.


Back in 1979, the Handball Spezial Shoes were initially created for handball players. Fast forward to today, they’ve transformed into a true representation of retro fashion that evokes the aesthetics of advertisements from a bygone era. Featuring a suede upper, a design that pays homage to vintage styles, and a gum rubber outsole, these shoes pay genuine tribute to days gone by.


In the midst of the excitement around what’s new and cutting-edge, it’s important to pause and appreciate the beauty of things that have aged gracefully. Envision these adidas FV1226 as a harmonious blend, where the nostalgia of the past seamlessly merges with the craftsmanship of modern footwear design. The result is a fusion that not only captures the essence of vintage charm but also incorporates the best of contemporary shoe technology – a perfect balance of the old and the new.



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