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Style: adidas

RRP: £ 90

Colourway: Better Scarlet / Off White / Orange Tint

Style Code: IG4507

The adidas Japan “Better Scarlet” IG4507 trainers are a reissued version of the iconic 1964 model, meticulously crafted to honour a historic global sporting event held in Japan. Retaining the original low-profile design, these trainers have been updated with features that meet modern footwear demands while respecting their heritage roots. The upper is made from tumbled perforated leather, providing a durable and breathable fit that enhances the overall comfort of the shoe.


Detailing on the trainers includes a double-stitched T-toe, which not only strengthens the shoe but also adds a subtle design element that differentiates it from typical releases. This feature ensures the trainers are both practical for everyday wear and distinct enough to stand out as a special edition. The construction is designed to be robust, with materials selected for their ability to withstand regular use while maintaining their appearance over time.


The fit of the adidas Japan “Better Scarlet” IG4507 is regular, with lace closures that allow for an adjustable and secure fit, catering to a wide range of foot shapes. Inside, the shoe is lined with soft textile material, increasing the comfort for the wearer throughout the day. The sole is crafted from durable rubber, offering excellent traction in a variety of settings, from urban pavements to more leisurely environments. This blend of historical significance and practical enhancements makes the adidas Japan “Better Scarlet” IG4507 a noteworthy choice for those who value durability and comfort in their footwear choices.


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