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Drop Date: 26/08/2023

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Brand: Jordan

RRP: £ 185

Colourway: Sail/ Kinetic Green/Muslin/Gum Yellow /Cone/Pale Ivory

Style Code: FD0696-100

The Union LA x Bephie’s Beauty Supply x WMNS Air Jordan 1 Elevate High SP “Summer of ’96” FD0696-100 stands as an essential acquisition for both dedicated sneaker enthusiasts and those who keenly embrace fashion trends. Bearing the distinctive MPN FD0696-100, this coveted silhouette is drenched in prestige and style. The Air Jordan 1 boasts an enduring and iconic legacy that originated in 1985, forever reshaping the landscape of basketball and solidifying its role as a cornerstone in sneaker culture.


Crafted as a collaborative effort between Air Jordan and LA Union, this particular rendition introduces a contemporary spin on the shoe’s classic design, infusing it with vivacious aesthetics and a nod to streetwear sensibilities. The design artfully pays homage to the summer of ’96, evoking a sense of nostalgia within the framework of modern sneaker craftsmanship.


What sets this iteration apart are its distinct attributes. The silhouette boasts an assortment of varied fabrics, lending an elevated tactile and visual experience to the shoe. From the luxuriously textured suede toe box to the sleek leather overlays, these diverse textures harmoniously converge, creating a symphony of touch and visual allure. Furthermore, the prominent “Union” branding takes center stage on both the insole and tongue, serving as a definitive mark of its authenticity.


Remaining faithful to the timeless Jordan blueprint, the outsole maintains the enduring rubber structure that has come to define the brand. This ensures exceptional grip and stability, providing unwavering support for every step you take—whether you’re dominating the court or strolling along the city streets. The outsole’s colour scheme tastefully mirrors that of the uppers, neatly uniting the shoe’s overall design.


In essence, the  Union LA x Bephie’s Beauty Supply x WMNS Air Jordan 1 Elevate High SP “Summer of ’96” FD0696-100 encapsulates a commemorative allure, seamlessly blending historical significance, distinctiveness, and utmost comfort. Its allure transcends the ordinary, encapsulating a celebration of bygone eras seamlessly integrated with the refined trends of today. These sneakers stand as a testament to the unwavering ability of Jordan Brand to consistently captivate with each new iteration. Fix your gaze upon these exceptional gems, and when the opportunity arises, ensure you seize them to inject a substantial enhancement into your sneaker rotation.


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