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Drop Date: 09/08/2023

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Brand: LGND

RRP: £ 120

Colourway: PUMA Black

Style Code: 307769-01

The BMW Motorsport x Puma LGND Renegade “Camo” 307769-01 is a compelling fusion of motorsport heritage and contemporary design. Presented in a sleek PUMA Black colour scheme with the style code 307769_01, this footwear masterpiece draws inspiration from the enigmatic graphics associated with unreleased cars. These captivating motifs have earned the BMW M Motorsport LGND Renegade Camo a dedicated fan base, owing to its unique appeal. Featuring a distinctive, bulky silhouette and a regular fit, this shoe injects a modern twist into the wardrobe of every motorsport enthusiast. Constructed using a combination of breathable mesh and durable textile materials, and complemented by a robust rubber outsole, it not only proudly showcases the iconic BMW M Motorsport branding but also ensures the perfect blend of comfort and style in one sleek package.


With its intriguing design elements inspired by the elusive graphics of undisclosed automotive creations, the BMW Motorsport x Puma LGND Renegade “Camo” 307769-01 is more than just footwear; it’s a statement piece that effortlessly marries tradition and contemporary fashion. Whether you’re a devoted motorsport aficionado or simply someone with an eye for bold, cutting-edge style, this shoe beckons you to enter a captivating realm where automotive passion converges with modern aesthetics.


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