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Drop Date: 08/02/2024

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Style: Converse

RRP: £ 80

Colourway: White/Blue/White

Style Code: A10202C

The Converse Fastbreak Pro Leather “White Blue” A10202C rejuvenates the classic 1983 basketball shoe for skateboarding. Constructed from robust rubber-backed leather and nylon, this sneaker is designed to handle skateboarding’s rigorous demands. Enhanced with CX foam cushioning, it provides superior impact absorption vital for the demands of skateboarding.


Featuring a CONS traction rubber outsole, the sneaker offers exceptional grip, facilitating optimal skateboarding performance. This directly improves board control and increases safety during skate sessions. The “White Blue” colour scheme and iconic Star Chevron logo connect the sneaker to its athletic heritage, making it widely appealing.


This model not only celebrates Converse’s rich sports history but also reflects its adaptation to skateboarding’s requirements. The fusion of durable materials, advanced cushioning, and grip technology results in a sneaker that fulfils the needs of skateboarders looking for reliable, high-performance footwear.


Combining elements of its historical design with modern skateboarding features, the Converse Fastbreak Pro Leather “White Blue” A10202C exemplifies the blend of past and present, catering to those who appreciate Converse’s history and the functional demands of skateboarding today.


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