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Drop Date: 28/12/2023

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Style: adidas

RRP: £ 80.00

Colourway: Dark Olive/Spruce

Style Code: NM306BOY

he Jamie Foy x New Balance Numeric 306 “Green” NM306BOY introduces Jamie Foy’s inaugural pro model shoe with New Balance Numeric, aiming to elevate the traditional vulcanised skate shoe with a focus on enhanced durability and breathability. This design addresses the rigorous demands of skateboarding, ensuring that the footwear is both resilient and comfortable for extended use. The incorporation of a low-profile vulcanised outsole is specifically chosen to maximise board feel, a critical aspect for skaters who rely on precise foot-to-board contact for optimal performance.


The collaboration brings Jamie Foy’s insights from his skateboarding experience together with New Balance Numeric’s expertise in crafting high-quality footwear. The result is a shoe that stands up to the challenges of skateboarding while providing a fit that supports natural movement and flexibility. The “Green” colourway offers a clean and versatile aesthetic, making this shoe a practical choice for both skateboarding activities and everyday wear.


With the Jamie Foy x New Balance Numeric 306, the focus is clearly on delivering a shoe that meets the specific needs of skateboarders. From the choice of materials to the design of the outsole, every element is thoughtfully selected to ensure durability, comfort, and performance. This pro model represents a significant contribution to skateboarding footwear, combining functionality with New Balance Numeric’s commitment to quality.


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