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Drop Date: 06/05/2023

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Style: Jordan

RRP: £ 99.95

Colourway: Black/Black/Lime Glow/Green Glow

Style Code: DN1772-003

The Jordan Luka 1 “Black Lime Glow” DN1772-003 is crafted with meticulous attention to performance needs, the Jordan Luka 1 features full-length Formula 23 foam. This innovation provides unmatched support, crucial for executing those signature step-backs and dynamic moves during intense gameplay. The Formula 23 foam’s design focuses on enhancing quick, agile movements, particularly effective during critical Euro-steps in the lane.


The upper of the Jordan Luka 1 is a marvel of engineering, integrating Flight Wire cables that wrap securely around the shoe. This feature, known as the Cable Container, ensures a snug and safe enclosure for your feet, providing essential support and containment whether you’re playing on indoor hardwood courts or outdoor surfaces. The shoe’s design effectively balances sturdiness with lightweight agility, a combination that promises to elevate any athlete’s game.


One of the standout features of the Jordan Luka 1 is the rubber wrap around the ankle, which offers crucial support. This is paired with an advanced traction system, specifically optimized for step-back maneuvers. The shoe’s design acknowledges the importance of confident, stable footing, especially during pivotal moments on the court.


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