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Drop Date: 02/05/2023

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Style: Jordan

RRP: £ 99.95

Colourway: White/Bleached Coral/Sesame/Black

Style Code: DN1772-106

Meet the Jordan Luka 1 “My Dawgs” DN1772-106, a tribute to Luka Dončić’s beloved pets – Viki, Hugo, and Gia. This unique colourway takes inspiration from Dončić’s two White Swiss Shepherds and Pomeranian, merging a passion for pets with innovative shoe design.


The Jordan Luka 1’s upper features a crisp white hue, reflecting the pristine fur of Dončić’s dogs. Sharp black details accent the branded areas, creating a striking contrast. Pastel pink accents on the pull tabs and the midfoot shank plate add whimsy and colour, giving the shoe a playful yet sophisticated feel.


The tribute extends beyond colour. The insoles bear a personal touch – inscribed paw prints of Viki, Hugo, and Gia – turning each step into a reminder of Dončić’s bond with his dogs.


Performance engineering elevates the Jordan Luka 1 “My Dawgs” beyond its aesthetic appeal. The Cable Container, featuring embroidered Flight Wire, wraps the upper securely, ensuring a precise fit. This design isn’t just stylish; it provides a reliable, locked-in feel to support every move.


The full-length Formula 23 foam enhances the shoe’s performance capabilities, offering responsive support for the entire foot. It adapts to your movements, whether executing Euro-steps or swiftly crossing the court, ensuring comfort and agility.


For confident, sharp step-backs, the Jordan Luka 1 includes a strategically designed rubber wrap around the ankle. This feature boosts support and works with an efficient traction system, optimized for not just Luka’s iconic moves but for any player aiming to improve their game.


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