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Style: Jordan

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Colourway: White/Off-White/Pink Foam/Vapour Green

Style Code: DR0675-103

Zion Williamson’s third signature shoe, the Jordan Zion 3 “Sanctuary,” showcases the dedication and hard work he puts into his unique game. Designed for those who excel both on the ground and in the air, these trainers are packed with court-ready technology to support and enhance your performance.


The Zion 3 features herringbone traction on the outsole, providing excellent grip for side-to-side and left-to-right movements. The foam carrier in the midsole adds support for your ankle and heel, ensuring stability with every step. This design helps you stay low and controlled on the court, allowing you to make quick, precise movements.


Equipped with Nike Air, the Zion 3 offers powerful lift-off and cushioning on re-entry, making it ideal for explosive jumps and soft landings. The inclusion of Formula 23 foam in the underfoot area enhances ground feel, providing a soft and responsive experience that helps you stay low in your movements and maintain control.


The Jordan Zion 3 “Sanctuary” comes in a colourway of White, Off-White, Pink Foam, and Vapour Green, offering a fresh and versatile look. These trainers combine durability, comfort, and advanced technology, making them a perfect choice for dedicated basketball players.


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