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Drop Date: 28/08/2023

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Brand: 327

RRP: £ 120

Colourway: Light Rogue Wave / White

Style Code: U327EF

The New Balance 327 “Lilac Light Rogue Wave” U327EF exemplifies the brand’s commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and innovative design. By blending vintage charm with contemporary elements, these shoes not only evoke nostalgia but also maintain a modern edge. Within New Balance’s history, the 327 model holds a significant place, and the Lilac Light Rogue Wave version pays homage to its heritage while introducing a dynamic new chapter.


To capture attention, the shoe prominently showcases the classic ‘N’ logo on the sides, creating a bold contrast against the soothing “Lilac Light” colour palette. Remaining faithful to its predecessor, the upper seamlessly transitions from plush suede to breathable nylon canvas, all adorned in a playful pastel shade designed to turn heads.


The 327 series is famed for its vibrant colour choices, and the Lilac Light Rogue variant takes this a step further with a gradual fading effect. This transition starts with a vibrant purple and elegantly shifts to a serene undertone of calming lilac. The gentle lilac hue of the upper sharply counterbalances the deep “Rogue Wave” blue featured on the suede overlays and heel tab, emphasizing the shoe’s distinct outline.


Drawing inspiration from New Balance’s running heritage, the 327 Lilac Light Rogue Wave incorporates iconic elements, including the vintage-inspired studded rubber outsole and the sleek, elongated design. These studded grips pay homage to classic running shoes while also delivering exceptional traction and durability.


Notably, the shoe’s midsole tapers uniquely, adding an unconventional twist to the 327’s traditional silhouette. Moreover, the iconic studded gum rubber outsole wraps around the upper on both the inner and outer medial sides, an innovative design decision that enhances its street-ready appearance.


In summary, whether you’re a devoted New Balance aficionado or a sneaker enthusiast seeking a distinctive addition to your collection, the New Balance U327EF ticks all the right boxes. It flawlessly merges a historically significant silhouette with contemporary innovation, all enveloped in a one-of-a-kind colour blend that sets it apart.



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