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Drop Date: 24/08/2023

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Brand: 550

RRP: £ 120

Colourway: White Mint Navy

Style Code: BB550WCA

The BB550WCA, also known as the “White Mint Navy” version of New Balance’s 550 model, showcases an appealing mix of colours that create a visually pleasing and stylish appearance. This sneaker embodies a sporty and clean design, with a crisp white base beautifully pairing with accents in mint green and navy. Many fashion enthusiasts and athletes prefer New Balance’s 550 series for its enduring design and comfortable fit, making it a top choice. Whether you’re strolling through city streets or hitting the gym, the BB550WCA provides a versatile and contemporary option to elevate your style.


Initially introduced in 1989, the original 550 model left a lasting impact on basketball courts across the United States. After its initial release, New Balance shelved the 550 but later brought it back in limited-edition releases toward the end of 2020. It then returned to the regular product lineup in 2021, quickly gaining popularity within the global fashion scene. The 550’s low-profile and sleek design offer a modern take on the sturdy styles of the late ’80s, while its dependable synthetic suede upper construction maintains its timeless appeal across different generations.



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