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Drop Date: 17/08/2023

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Brand: 610

RRP: £ 110

Colourway: Dark Mushroom/Outerspace/Burgundy

Style Code: ML610TBI

Introducing the ML610TBI model, the New Balance 610v1 “Dark Mushroom” is the embodiment of versatility and reliability in the world of casual footwear. Carefully designed to conquer even the toughest terrains and demanding days, this shoe is your reliable partner for an active lifestyle. Its core feature is the innovative C-CAP cushioning system, showcasing engineering excellence that provides unmatched support to your feet, ensuring lasting comfort during all your activities.


These sneakers proudly showcase a captivating blend of style and functionality, a testament to New Balance’s dedication to merging fashion and practicality. Taking inspiration from the trail running trends of the 2000s, the design resonates with an era of exploration and adventure. The upper part skillfully combines suede and mesh materials, achieving a perfect balance between durability and breathability.


The allure of the New Balance ML610TBI goes beyond its looks. With a lace-up fastening mechanism, it offers a secure and personalized fit, enhancing both your comfort and confidence with every step. The seamless integration of style and performance establishes the New Balance 610v1 as a reliable choice for any life occasion.


As you navigate diverse landscapes and conquer various challenges, the New Balance 610v1 “Dark Mushroom” becomes your unwavering preference. Its adaptability to different scenarios, coupled with its commitment to style and utility, solidifies its position as an essential companion in your journey of exploration and self-expression.




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