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Drop Date: 18/08/2023

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Brand: 997R

RRP: £ 113

Colourway: Varsity Gold/Sea Salt

Style Code: U997RCB

Introducing the eagerly awaited New Balance 997R “Varsity Gold” U997RCB – a recent launch generating excitement among sneaker enthusiasts. This shoe epitomizes New Balance’s enduring dedication to quality and style, presenting the 997R Varsity Gold as a harmonious fusion of aesthetics and utility, sure to captivate any footwear enthusiast.


The shoe’s design pays homage to New Balance’s impeccable craftsmanship, retaining classic elements while integrating contemporary refinements. The U997RCB boasts a sleek, modern profile with a streamlined shell and sought-after lower-profile midsole. The iconic ‘N’ logo takes center stage on the midfoot, symbolizing the brand’s steadfast commitment to comfort and exceptional craftsmanship.


Regarding its history, the 997 silhouette traces back to 1991 and has maintained its esteemed status within New Balance’s collection ever since. Its enduring popularity has evolved through various iterations, consistently impressing fans with its forward-thinking design, comfort, and effortless wearability.


In terms of colour, the 997R Varsity Gold stands out distinctly. The upper combines pristine white and subtle grey, adorned with bursts of vibrant yellow – an energetic and invigorating statement in the realm of sneakers. The yellow hue pays homage to summer vibes, infusing a bold and lively dimension into an already remarkable footwear piece.


However, this shoe isn’t just visually appealing; it boasts remarkable technological features. The 997R Varsity Gold incorporates ENCAP REVEAL and ABZORB midsole technologies, delivering exceptional comfort, shock absorption, and stability. These advanced features elevate the shoe’s performance, ensuring enduring cushioning for all-day use.


Further setting it apart, the shoe’s outsole retains the classic New Balance 997 design, featuring exceptional grooving for outstanding traction. This empowers wearers to confidently traverse various terrains, whether walking or running. Additionally, the rubber outsole ensures durability, guaranteeing these sneakers will withstand daily challenges.


In conclusion, the New Balance 997R Varsity Gold seamlessly melds classic craftsmanship with modern innovation, resulting in a pair that’s not only stylish but incredibly comfortable. With its vibrant colour palette, distinctive attributes, and enhanced functionality, it’s a must-have for sneaker collectors, New Balance aficionados, and everyday wearers alike. Despite its storied history, the future holds even greater promise for this timeless silhouette.

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