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Drop Date: 31/10/2023

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Style: Hesi

RRP: £ 187.00

Colourway: Sunflower/Poppy/Neo Flame

Style Code: BBHSLO1

The New Balance Hesi Low “Halloween” BBHSLO1 is a basketball shoe that epitomizes the perfect blend of style and performance. Specifically crafted for agility and speed, its low-cut design is pivotal for facilitating rapid movements on the court. Central to its design is the innovative FuelCell foam, an advanced component engineered to provide a propulsive sensation, enhancing the wearer’s motion. Complementing this is the ABZORB insert, renowned for its superior cushioning and comfort, making the shoe ideal for intense gameplay. The upper design of the shoe melds simplicity with durability, featuring a breathable mesh accompanied by synthetic TPU overlays for support. The addition of a ribbed heel counter not only contributes to the shoe’s aesthetic but also provides extra stability.


Beneath the surface, the Hesi Low takes a dual-technology approach, combining the responsive FuelCell foam footbed with the ABZORB cushioning. This combination is meticulously designed to provide a balance of responsiveness and comfort, ensuring that each step and jump is fully supported. This synergy between the different technologies instills confidence in players, allowing them to perform at their best. The New Balance Hesi Low “Halloween” transcends being just a seasonal nod; it stands as a testament to high-performance footwear. Catering to players who prioritize agility, comfort, and style, this shoe represents the latest in New Balance’s commitment to innovation and functional design, making it an ideal choice for the modern basketball player.



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