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Drop Date: 07/09/2023

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Brand: New Balance

RRP: £ 110

Colourway: Black

Style Code: UXC72SC

Introducing the New Balance XC-72 “Black” UXC72SC, a shoe that seamlessly blends classic influences with a futuristic design ethos. Drawing inspiration from the aspirational vision of 1970s concept cars, this footwear transcends the boundaries of traditional style. It incorporates distinctive angular elements and employs three distinct traction outsole patterns, reimagining the sleek, low-cut profile of vintage lifestlye running shoes with an edgy and experimental twist. The XC-72 embodies the embodiment of the future envisioned by the past, offering a captivating fusion of nostalgia and innovation.


Digging into its product specifications, the vertically divided outsole integrates two hard ground traction patterns, drawing inspiration from the XC15’s ‘gripper’ and the 375’s studded design. It also incorporates a stability heel clip influenced by the herringbone outsole pattern of the 620 model, ensuring not only style but also functionality. The shoe’s upper is expertly crafted from suede and recycled mesh, with recycled materials thoughtfully integrated into elements like the N logo, laces, and lining, highlighting its eco-conscious approach. The rubber outsole includes 5% recycled content, further underlining its commitment to sustainability. Additionally, a single-layer microfiber tongue and a squared toe shape, inspired by the aesthetics of 1970s concept cars, complete the XC-72’s distinctive and captivating design, making it a standout choice for those who appreciate the harmonious blend of history and innovation in footwear.


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