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Drop Date: 20/07/2023

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Brand: Air Max 90

RRP: £ 130

Colourway: Neutral Olive/Medium Olive/Sequoia/Neutral Olive

Style Code: DM0029-200

Introducing the Nike Air Max 90 “Olive Sequoia” DM0029-200: a captivating take on the iconic Air Max 90 design. This release signifies a new chapter in the enduring legacy of the Air Max 90. This version pays homage to Nike’s heritage while showcasing impeccable craftsmanship through a skillful mix of captivating colors and materials.


The Nike Air Max 90 “Olive Sequoia”  stands out as a prestigious sneaker, showcasing Nike’s commitment to innovative design and streetwear excellence. The roots of the Air Max 90 go back over three decades, when it revolutionized footwear with its groundbreaking visible air unit – a feature that remains central to its enduring popularity.


What distinguishes the “Olive Sequoia” iteration is its infusion of style into the timeless design via a unique color palette. Bathed in the shade of Neutral Olive, it exudes a military-inspired allure. The olive nubuck, coupled with earthy suede tan overlays, effortlessly bridges style and resilience, embodying the duality of aesthetics and practicality that defines sneaker culture.


The essence of these sneakers lies within its meticulous details. The upper seamlessly blends ballistic mesh with leather overlays, creating an enticing interplay of textures. Darker olive patches on the sides and laces evoke a camouflage aesthetic, adding depth to the design. Nike’s branding takes center stage through a woven tongue tag and delicately embossed Swoosh.


The outsole’s construction prioritizes both comfort and durability. The rubber sole houses Nike’s iconic air bubble technology, engineered for various terrains while ensuring comfort. Encased in softer foam, the air units provide a cushioned stride that’s as comfortable as it is stylish.


To sum it up, the Nike Air Max 90 “Olive Sequoia” DM0029-200 seamlessly blends design, comfort, and history, solidifying its place within the celebrated Air Max 90 lineage. Whether you’re a dedicated Nike fan or new to the world of sneakers, its allure and timeless attributes make it a valuable addition from any perspective.



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