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Drop Date: 04/05/2023

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Brand: Air Max 90

RRP: £ 144.95

Colourway: Black/University Gold/White/Safety Orange

Style Code: FJ4229-001

The Nike Air Max 90 “Spray Paint Swoosh – Black” FJ4229-001, represents an unmistakable blend of old-school charm and modern design elements, a combination that’s made it one of the most adored silhouettes in the sneaker community. Its enduring popularity is a testament to the timeless nature of Nike’s design philosophy and the continued relevance of the Air Max series, which has held a special place in the hearts of sneaker enthusiasts since its inception.


The design of this specific iteration stays true to the roots of the Air Max 90’s iconic silhouette, while its colour palette presents an invigorating interpretation. The shoe primarily sports an elegant shade of black, tastefully contrasted with vibrant University Gold accents, making for a striking colourway guaranteed to turn heads. The interplay between the dark shoe body and the golden embellishments lends the model an air of poised sophistication and audacious flamboyance, all at once.


Accentuating the visual appeal are a bevy of unique features that make the Nike Air Max 90 FJ4229-001 truly stand out. One such detail is the plush cushioning, incorporated seamlessly into the shoe’s design, offering exceptional comfort to wearers. Another worthy mention is the shoe’s upper, made with high-quality materials, which not only ensures durability but also elevates its aesthetic allure.


But what truly defines the character of these shoes is its outsole. Equipped with the famous Air Sole units and decked out in an ultra-sleek black, it offers superior comfort without compromising on style. The outsole reduces impact from daily wear while providing excellent traction, making it suitable for both casual wear and more physical activities.


All in all, the Nike Air Max 90 “Spray Paint Swoosh – Black” FJ4229-001 captures a unique blend of style and functionality. It stands as a testament to the enduring allure of the Air Max series, seamlessly melding past with present. Whether you’re a lifelong sneaker fan or just discovering the world of Nike, this exciting interpretation of the Air Max 90 is an offering that you should not overlook.




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