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Drop Date: 01/09/2023

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Style: Air Zoom GT Hustle 2

RRP: £ 140

Colourway: Cyber/Vivid Sulfur/White/Siren Red/Black

Style Code: DJ9405-300

Unveiling the Nike Air Zoom GT Hustle 2 “Transcend Time” in the distinctive DJ9405-300 SKU. This exceptional shoe revolutionizes the game by underlining the significance of each footstep, particularly during critical junctures. With its central cushioning and forefoot spring, it empowers dynamic forward propulsion across a spectrum of movements, from subdued phases to game-altering crescendos. Tailored for superior agility, it facilitates swift sprints, quick halts, and seamless point-scoring from one court extremity to another, ensuring consistent dominance while retaining control.


This remarkable footwear encapsulates the principles of flexibility and fluidity in motion. The incorporation of Zoom Air units within the forefoot cultivates an extraordinary sense of push on the court, yielding optimal energy restitution from the initial stride to the ultimate push. Moreover, the integration of Nike React technology, a lightweight and enduring foam, ensures an exceptionally smooth and responsive journey, lifting your performance to novel pinnacles.


Constructed akin to contemporary running shoes, this basketball sneaker showcases a minimalist upper, with a focus on lightweight design. The specialized mesh, fortified and pliable compared to conventional variants, employs reinforced layers to deliver robust reinforcement to the toe, heel, and inner areas, assuring unwavering stability without additional weight. The foam tongue mitigates lace pressure, while the cushioned mid-rise collar extends impeccable ankle support without compromising agility. In essence, the Nike Air Zoom GT Hustle 2 “Transcend Time” captures the quintessence of peak performance and unhindered mobility.


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