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Drop Date: 11/08/2023

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Brand: Lunar Gato

RRP: £ 79.95

Colourway: White/Blackened Blue/Indigo Haze/Barely Volt

Style Code: 580456-174

Introducing the Nike Lunar Gato II IC “White Blackened Blue Volt” 580456-174, a real symbol of success in basketball. These special soccer shoes are designed to be really good for fast games with few players. They look stylish and work really well. The front part of the shoe is made from flexible leather to help you kick the ball better. Inside, there’s special foam that makes your steps feel bouncy and full of energy. The shoes also have parts made from a special kind of fabric that helps your feet breathe and stay in control.


The shoes are also really strong because they have a tough rubber part on the front. This means they will last a long time even if you play a lot. The bottom of the shoes has a cool rubber design that helps you run and move quickly in different directions. You can wear these shoes on streets, courts, or indoor places, and they will help you do well. The inside of the shoes is really soft and comfy, and they come in colors like white, black, blue, and volt that look really nice together. These Nike Lunar Gato II IC 580456-174 make you feel like a winner and they look really fancy. They will help you do your best and look great at the same time.


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