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Drop Date: 18/12/2023

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Style: Motiva

RRP: £ 99.99

Colourway: Light Armoury Blue/Platinum Tint/Star Blue/Green Strike

Style Code: DV1237-402

The Nike Motiva “Star Blue Green Strike” DV1237-402 caters to the active individual with its versatile design. Engineered to support various movements, this sneaker adapts to walking, jogging, or sprinting, making it perfect for those always on the move.


Its Comfortgroove innovation stands out as a key feature. The outsole, with its special design, actively absorbs each step’s impact, offering a soft ride that eases daily stress. The unique pattern in the outsole compresses the foam more with each step, ensuring extra cushioning and a comfortable stride.


The exaggerated rocker on the sneaker’s outsole is another noteworthy aspect. This design propels you forward, smoothing out each step for an easy transition from heel to toe. It’s ideal for anyone seeking a shoe that complements their natural movement.


Durability is a strong suit of the Nike Motiva. The sturdy outsole pattern offers lasting wear and excellent traction, making it a dependable choice for various activities.


Comfort is paramount in the Nike Motiva’s design. The soft foam waterfall collar gently embraces the ankle and heel, while the half inner sleeve makes putting the shoe on and off easy and minimizes friction during activity. The widened forefoot, arch, and toe box provide a snug fit, accommodating your foot as it moves and expands.


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